Construction Industry Volunteer Award (Merit Award) - Construction Industry Council

15 Jul 2018

We are honoured to receive a Merit Award from Construction Industry Council (CIC) - Construction Industry Sports & Voulunteering Programme on 15 July 2018. Once again, it recognizes the time and effort paid by our colleagues in performing volunteer works.

BYME has taken the initiative to organize and participate in various kinds of charity events. By putting our expertise to work, we have been providing home maintenance service to low-income families and elderlies, in order to minimize any inconvenience lead to accidents happened and provide them a more comfortable and safer living environment. 

Thank you for colleagues who have been participating and supporting our Corporate Social Responsibility activities! We are looking forward to have more of you participating in the future activities. To add value to the society, to give a hand to those in need and to be socially responsible to our stakeholders.

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The Best Method Statement (Silver Prize) - Prefabricated Tunnel Lighting Installation

10 Jul 2018

BYME had been awarded the Best Method Statement (Silver Prize) - Prefabricated Tunnel Lighting Installation on the Construction Safety Day - 6th July 2018 from the Occupational Safety & Health Council/Labour Department/Construction Industry Council.  

By introducing this Prefabricated Tunnel Lighting Installation, the efficiency has been effectively increased to 380% as compared with the traditional installation method.

Without the full contribution and support from the colleagues, BYME could not make this competition a successful one!

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Occupational Safety and Health Award for Discovery Bay 16

6 Jun 2018

BYME received an appreciation certificate - "Best Contractor in Occupational Safety and Health" from Hsin Chong Group Holdings Limited in May 2018. Especially thank you for those colleagues who have been paying effort and time in this project!