25th Anniversary Celebration

28 May 2015

2015 marks BYME HK’s 25th Anniversary.  A cocktail was held on 28th May with a fusion of French cuisine and HK local food at Sky100, the Element, to celebrate this important milestone.

Award of Venetian Macau Parcel 3 (Electrical Podium)

28 Jan 2014

A letter of Award from Venetian Cotai Limited was received on 14 January 2014 for the construction and completion of Podium Electrical at Venetian Macau Parcel 3. We will be their Trade Contractor for the following works:

  • Ready for LV Power on at LV switch boards

  • Sub-main circuits power on


Liantang/Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point

8 Jan 2014

Dragages HK was awarded on 13 Dec 2013 the Project of Liantang Tunnel. The overall project is to develop a new Boundary Control Point (BCP) in the boarder area of North-eastern New Terrioies of Hong Kong.

It will link: existing Fanling Highway in the New Terriories of Hong-Kong, with this BCP on boundary.

We will be their specialist contractor  for a 5-Year (2014 - 2018) for the E&M Package (Electrical, ECS, TVS, ELV, FS, PD).