Award of HKJC 3-Year Term Contract for E&M Installations at Happy Valley & Shatin Racecourse

28 Jun 2011

A letter of Award from HKJC was received on 30 May 2011 for the 3-Year Term Contract for Electrical and Mechanical Installations at Happy Valley and Shatin Racecourse.  The works are being done on site which include the Site Survey of the existing E&M Services, Renovation or Retrofit works etc. for the following installations in Year 2011 to 2014 with another year as an Option.

  • MVAC Installation

  • Electrical Installation

  • Fire Servcies Installation

  • Plumbing & Drainage Installation

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Award of Airport Authority Contract M678 - Enhancement Works for Chilled Water System

30 May 2011

A Letter of Acceptance was received on 4 May 2011 from Airport Authority for carrying out the Enhancement Works for Chilled Water System which includes: -

  • Provision of pipework & associated material for completion of the works

  • Relocation of chiller, assoicated pumps  & valve from T2 to T1 chiller plant room

  • Provision of associated Electrical and CCMS installation

  • Provision of associated Structural and Architectural Builder's Works and Finishes


The HKIE Engineering Graduate Training Scheme ''A''

25 Mar 2011

We are pleased to announce that the HKIE Training Review Sub-Committee (Group II) at its meeting on 15 February 2011 made the following decisions.

  1. Approved BYME's Building Services (BSS) Engineering Scheme "A"

  2. Approved BYME's Electrical (ELL) Engineering Scheme "A"

  3. Approved BYME's Mechanical (MCL) Engineering Scheme "A"