Green Mark Platinum in Singapore

This certification is based entirely on the following environmental criteria: energy efficiency, water efficiency, site/project development and management, good indoor environmental quality and environmental protection, and innovation.

Heating / Ventilation / Air conditioning 
1160 m² of vacuum-tube water-heating panels for solar air conditioning
A very highly efficient system exchanging heat between extract air and supply air (heat pipe and enthalpy wheel)
A CO2 detection system adjusting supply air inflow to the number of people in the offices
Filtration and disinfection of air with cold plasma
940 m² of photovoltaic solar power panels, 150 sq.m of which is built into the façade
A presence detection and lighting management system
Two 158-kW adsorption water chillers
A rainwater recovery system for watering the grounds
Connection to the Singapore industrial water network (NEwater) to supply cooling towers, toilets, and the watering system if the stored rainwater is insufficient.
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